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Are you ready? Because tomorrow, Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) will fly its thrill-seeking founder, Richard Branson, into space to test the company’s “private astronaut experience.” This journey would be a huge deal for anybody, but it’s even more so for SPCE stock holders, many of whom have been riding the SPCE stock rollercoaster since day one.

Indeed, Branson’s Virgin Galactic has been working since before 2010 to make space travel a reality.

This is truly an occasion 10 years in the making. It’s a big deal.

Virgin Galactic’s stock has been trading strongly into that launch. Not everybody’s bullish, of course, with more than 22% of SPCE stock sold short. Now those shorts are covering, anticipating a short-squeeze event. Which likely explains the double-digit gap up in the SPCE stock price from Thursday morning to Friday’s close. There’s a lot of hype surrounding SPCE going into its landmark (space-mark?) event, which looks like a classic example of short-termist rumor buying, culminating in a day-of selloff once Branson is space-bound.

We don’t think that will happen with Virgin Galactic, though, because this is such a momentous event. Just think about this for a moment: On Sunday, one of the world’s richest, most eccentric personalities (everyone already knows of and love-hates him for his mic-drop “Cribs” episode back in the day), will be flown into space all for your entertainment and the future entertainment of deep-pocketed Star-Lord wannabes. If successful, Sunday’s flight will only serve to gin up more buying power behind SPCE stock, and more star power behind Virgin Galactic’s founder, Sir Richard Branson.

Also, it’s important to note that this isn’t just a joyride.

This is the beginning of Virgin Galactic establishing a very valuable space tourism business.

Demand for Space Equates to Demand for SPCE

Demand for space travel will be immense. Everybody knows this.

There are millions of millionaires out there. Many of them already spend stupid amounts of cash chasing earthbound experiences. If given the chance to part with $250,000 for an out-of-this-world experience, they’ll certainly jump at it. As long as everything goes smoothly Sunday, Virgin Galactic’s fledgling space tourism business will get a lot of bites. Plenty of wealthy individuals are looking to be among the first to experience commercial space tourism. And you can mark my words that — if America’s cinematic fascination with space travel is any indication — space tourism will be huge.

But demand will be tight.

This is rocket science after all. A single error can equate to a great loss of life. And many companies simply don’t want to take on that risk. Many others couldn’t execute if they wanted to. That’s why, at the moment, we only have two companies willing and able to till the fertile space tourism ground— Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. That’s it. So demand for space tourism flights will be extremely tight.

With robust demand and tight supply, Virgin Galactic gets itself tremendous pricing power, allowing the business to run at super-high profit margins.

Virgin Galactic is targeting about a billion dollars per year in revenue for each spaceport it operates at scale. Profit margins could be around 50%. So we’re talking about $500 million in profits per spaceport. With a few spaceports, Virgin Galactic could shovel in billions of dollars in profits per year.

Today, SPCE is worth just $12 billion. Long-term, the upside here is huge. Regardless of what happens on the chart Monday, Virgin Galactic’s stock is the kind that you buy and hold for the long haul.

That’s the ideal investment — a potentially hugely profitable business with a strong built-in moat, ready to become a leader in a completely new business.

While I can’t say there are many companies in quite the same position as Virgin Galactic, I can say that there are plenty of high-potential companies that are lined up to become leaders of world-changing megatrends. And that’s the secret — find unstoppable innovative megatrends poised to change the world and find promising companies that have what it takes to lead that megatrend.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but only if you enjoy reading thousands of words per day and consuming brand-new information as it leaks, hoping to get closer to identifying that elusive “No. 1 Stock Pick.”

In hindsight, it is easy: e-commerce was an emerging megatrend back when Bryant Gumbel was unsure of the “@” symbol’s pronunciation — is it “at,” “about” or “around”? Turns out it was pronounced “Amazon.” Today, it’s incredibly obvious that you should have bought AMZN in 2000, but folks are so scared of innovation because they rarely see it happening… Just like you never notice your kids are getting bigger until they’re already a foot taller… Most people aren’t paying attention to the incremental innovations bringing us closer to the Big Breakthroughs. Then when those breakthroughs draw near, everybody panics. Since innovation disrupts stagnation, which upends years of familiarity (remember typewriters?), it opens up the opportunity for fear mongering.

Why? Fear sells.

But guess what? Innovation investors buy.

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But SPCE is but one of 50 hypergrowth stocks across a smorgasbord of emerging megatrends; Which, like e-commerce in 1999, could score my readers Amazon-like returns many times over

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