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It’s no secret that green energy stocks are red hot, with some green energy plays soaring as high as 400% since March 2020.

And solar is set to continue to beat the broader market.

Joe Biden has pledged $2 trillion to renewable energy — a move that is set to send the value of specific stocks skyrocketing

And folks who get in today are still getting in on the ground floor of this huge shift.

In 2019, only 2% of American electricity came from soar… a number that is now expected to hit 20% by 2030.

It’s an incredible opportunity for folks ready for the green tech boom… however the window to invest in breakthrough solar companies is closing.

“In the next ten years, we’re going to see huge advances in the energy storage technologies — advances that are going to push a handful of solar companies to new heights,” says Matt McCall, one of America’s most iconic analysts.

“That said, folks need to get in on these companies soon — before mainstream adoption. Wait a few months and you could miss the boat entirely…”

McCall’s warning is not made lightly. Over the course of his career, McCall has isolated 23 different 1,000% winners and called multiple major tech breakouts…

Including the rise of streaming services and the ongoing EV revolution.

Now he’s saying that solar is where folks need to be in 2021 if they want the chance to profit, even calling it one of the biggest investment opportunities of the decade.

In a recent presentation, Matt has named one solar stock that he believes could skyrocket in value as the solar revolution kicks off… ticker symbol and all.

You can get the name of that company in this free presentation — no strings attached.

About Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities

With Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities, Matt McCall’s goal is to offer individual investors an elevated long-term strategy that goes beyond anything that’s been done before on Wall Street. Matt has been called America’s #1 tech investor and has 23 recommendations that have soared 1,000% or more over his tenure.

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